eMCee Underground Jam Sessions 06/02/15 @SBPhaze @Shakezpeare @SuparNovar @BigRibzy @Trademarkblud @ParkStreetPR


eMCee ‘Underground Jam Sessions’
Friday 6th Feb 2015 – 7:00pm
Bar Suave, 181 Spon St, Coventry, CV1 3BB

Facebook Event Page:

eMCee was born early in 2014 which went live for the first time ever on Thursday 5th May 2014 on Coventry’s famous Spon Street with no expectation what so ever also with no solid thought or idea how it would turn out.. With a collection of hand carried and half borrowed equipment, a status was put up on local groups on various social feeds. No posters or flyers and at no cost , a new Underground night came alive.

eMCee is still proudly a growing night for Coventry with new talent from across the UK still eager to take part at this full Open Stage Underground Jam Session, full access to all equipment on the night to use as you wish to promote the music you love.. Just keep it real and from the street. Keep it fresh to impress the crowd, show them what it takes to me a real eMCee.. Its not just how cool you look holding the Mic, hell no… An eMCee needs to connect with the crowd in such a way that cant be taught but only advised.. Whether you Beat-Box, Dancer, DJ or Mr killer Mic. It is the energy you bring to the stage what will give you the connection you search for.. When you can control the crowd to your every need, you will have found your eMCee.

The first event of the year we will start as we mean to go on and showcase a full night of extreme artists for you to enjoy..

Live performances from..

Shakezpeare / Novar (FLIP)
Big Rizby / Trademark Blud
Flowlosopha / Eastwood
NY / Jinka Jinx / GodsChild
Alex-is / Tommy Oliver / Bryon

Live DJ sets from:

Tricksta / Scratchers-Delight
DJ Fury / SAGAN / Phaze81

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