Kingdom Of Fear OFFICIAL VIDEO!!!

Kingdom of Fear ‘Sir Digby Chicken Caesar’ OFFICIAL VIDEO!!!

“Should I blaze the sess or blaze the skunk? Just fill up my glass and pass the blunt. Beeeee-yatch!!!”

Kingdom Of Fear unveil the first official video from their self-titled debut album.

‘Sir Digby Chicken Caesar’ follows the adventures of The Duke and The Doctor as they embark on a booze fuelled journey through the metropolis. From park-bench delussions of grandeur to jacking the phone boxes and slot machines of Soho for petty-cash, the drunken duo set out to fund their booze habit by any and all means; ‘borrowing’ some ‘special herbs’ from kraut-rockers Saturday Night in Frankfurt and teaming up with a pipe-smoking DJ Jazz T (looking like he just broke out of the institute with McMurphy and The Chief!!) along the way!

Kingdom Of Fear, the brand new ‘concept’ album from Hip Hop junkies Jehst and Kashmere is in-stores now! Inspired by the subversive work of the late, great Hunter S Thompson, the creator of Gonzo journalism, best known for the drug-fuelled phenomenon Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas.

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