ReggiiMental / SPS Media – Winter Wonderland (Music Video)

ReggiiMental keeps things moving with the release of the forthcoming EP ‘The FirePit’ which is schedule to hit stores, April 2011. Even with summer around the corner, there is still a cold chill which ReggiiMental captures nicely with his latest song and video. Winter Wonderland does not actually feature on the forthcoming EP but acts as a stepping stone towards the proposed ‘Legacy Tapes’ project set to drop this coming autumn 2011. If you are looking high quality music videos, look no further than – High quality, affordable and ready to Hip Hop or rock’n’roll!

The proof is in the pudding – SPS MEDIA make the music fun to watch. Keep your ears peeled for the ‘The Firepit’ collaboration with Matt Henshaw, followed by the nothing less than quality controlled Legacy Tapes. 2011 is the year of the music video and to be honest; SPS-MEDIA hits the mark with current productions in process for Verb T, The Lostgenration of Eat Good Records and Banana Klan’s Unfriendly Neighbours.

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